Its Component Parts: Silence and Love

“Let me see your beauty broken down,
as you would do for one you love.”
–Leonard Cohen (Take This Longing)

The mind complains for impatience
When instead it should welcome
The chance to go to Cinderella’s ball
And its ruby slippers are its desire to

Slow down to just above its heart
Use the time to defuse the time:
Break it down to its component parts:
Silence and love


Unreasonable Expectations of Art

How can the most majestic be
After all just a matter of stone?
The moon for instance
Does it have consciousness?

And if not is it the less for that?
I felt bad for this no-heart
And bloodless beautiful moon
Until I remembered a tune

Has no blood either and neither has
A painting of a favorite face of God:
Now I wonder where I got such
Unreasonable expectations of art


A Shy God Pinned Down

“Your faith was strong, but you needed proof.”
–Leonard Cohen (Hallelujah)

Scientists demanding evidence
Of God’s existence may be good at a lot
But they’re not so keen on irony:
Even in their favorite realm of observation

Their own guy Heisenberg
Famously showed that just the observing
Compromises the variables sending
Such a thing to beyond any certainty

And yet they expect to nail God down
Wings extended like insect specimens
Why if God were a mere atom
As we’ve seen they still would fail yet

They expect a shy God pinned down would
Not just haul out a Houdini of some pin-wheeled
Galaxy escape leaving the learned gentlefolk
Clutching either air or ether


The Sweet Birdsong and Beethoven’s Tears

Up in the sky!
Stars and moons
A planet that’s a huge diamond

And earth!
(Look down now)
All manner of wonder
Look around

Turn to the roses
The smiles
The sweet birdsong
And Beethoven’s tears:

They want proof of existence
But one thing has been proven
Beyond any reasonable doubt:
Somebody knows how to make an entrance

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