The Volcano’s Deep Silence

      Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.
            –Jalal ad-Din Rumi

From my veranda I heard
The volcano’s deep silence

And an also deep blue sky
Translated it for me

So I turned
Putting me face to face

With the fierce summitry and I said
Come here and join me there

Is room on my veranda
For mountains

New PR–120

I Am Quiet and My Throat Is Very Dry

      “Don’t say, don’t say there is no water
      To solace the dryness at our hearts.
      I have seen . . .”
            –Denise Levertov (The Fountain)

I hear its coming
But I don’t want to wait for patience

I have heard
Its taps into silence
Some subterranean quiet

Where the pure well water
Rises like the sun

I stand with my bucket open
As I wait
For my eyes to be the same

But in my dream I ask
Why must I wait?

I am tired
Of just dreaming about the sunrise . . .
I do feel very thirsty

And finally I am quiet and
My throat is very dry


Its Component Parts: Silence and Love

      Let me see your beauty broken down,
      as you would do for one you love.
            –Leonard Cohen (Take This Longing)

The mind complains for impatience
When instead it should welcome
The chance to go to Cinderella’s ball
And its ruby slippers are its desire to

Slow down to just inside the heart
Use the time to defuse the time:
Break it down to its component parts:
Silence and love


The Famous Chalice of Wedding Wine

Listen up
Drink from the cup of silence
That famous chalice of wedding wine:

These chances are precious:
Your feet are still
Stained with the grapes


Impatience Accuses God

Impatience is my constant study
Probably for my constant fascination
With the subject:

Talk about incongruity
Talk about mysteries
Why there’s a whole

Mystery series right there
(Lo de impatience)
But here’s my down low skinny:

Impatience has no reason to exist
But irony does because impatience
Accuses God of non-existence

But why then are there
So many saints and sages
So silent and smiling?

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