The Friendly Heart of My Epiphany

      when god decided to invent
      everything he took one
      breath bigger than a circustent
      and everything began

      when man determined to destroy
      himself he picked the was
      of shall and finding only why
      smashed it into because
            –E. E. Cummings

It’s interesting to analyze one’s mind
Especially the why of the negative moods
Normally I defy why
(See above–See love)

But this why can be dealt with constructively:
Say a friend is in need and so you help–
Is there angst like oh dear this here is hard?
No because of your friendly heart

And here’s the friendly heart of my epiphany:
Just divide yourself up into two devoted friends:
When stuff gets rough think do it for your friend
Then that pesky angst problem slinks away

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