New PR-228

Outside the Roster of Daily Thought

“One day Rumi was reading next to a large stack of books. Shams Tabriz, passing by, asked him, ‘What are you doing?’ Rumi scoffingly replied, ‘Something you cannot understand.’ On hearing this, Shams threw the stack of books into a nearby pool of water. Rumi hastily rescued the books and to his surprise they were all dry. Rumi then asked Shams, ‘What is this?’ To which Shams replied, ‘Mowlana, this is what you cannot understand.”
                            -Wikipedia (Shams Tabriz)

Things exist outside the roster
Of daily thought
And it’s not a hard thing:

Just look for whom the flowers
Show their tells: their smells

They sing so sweet they meet
The testament of our souls:

The refreshing of a breeze of bells
From Shams Tabriz you know
Those tales that Rumi told

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