The Entire Universe Dances on the Head

That the infinitesimal speck
That was before the big bang
Led to the many tons of matter

In the universe is mysterious how
Did that much fit into so little?
And I wonder if it’s because

That much isn’t so much
After all
It does prove

That the entire universe dances
On the head of a does it not

PR-701 (Published In Ashe: the Journal of Experimental Spirituality)

The Great Symbolism of Electricity

It’s a nice feeling
Being in charge like
One of those particles

Yes the metaphysical
The great symbolism of electricity

The angels have two polar wings
And lightning is mere metaphor
For a symptom of that

And yet our hearts are divine
Instruments cunning little
Lightning rod transformers

Making safe the conduction
Of large quantities
Of God

New PR-211

Signals From a High Tide

I admire the old scientists
Who puzzled out phenomena
With their relentless observation
And clever hypotheses

They set a good example
For example I wonder about happiness
If it’s a sort of radiation
Like sunlight or more Roentgen because

I have felt it penetrating my bones
Infusing the spaces in my heart
Where the roses grow
(Such as thirst for light)

Yet this connotes an externality
And happiness is from within
So the sages say
And if this seems paradox there’s a precedent

Since light is both a particle and a wave:
Maybe the particles penetrate
And the waves are signals from a high tide
That reaches for the moon


New PR-229

The Dust of Stars

“The truth is that man is one individual with two aspects,
just like one line with two ends. If you look at the ends,
it is two. If you look at the line, it is one. One end of the
line is limited, the other end of the line is unlimited.
One end is man, the other end is God.”
          -Hazrat Inayat Khan

Have you ever studied soap?
It’s the most fascinating thing

Not just for the science
But also for the simile:

Soap molecules are long strands
With different stuff at different ends

One end is fat-philic
The other sticks to water

So between the two
They lick your platter clean

We are like soap bars
Maybe that’s why cleanliness

Was next to godliness:
One end of us attracts the earth

And the other end
Attracts the dust of stars

New PR-239

What We Are Really Doing Here

“A thing can be explained only by what is more subtle
than itself: there is nothing subtler than love:
by what then, shall love be explained?”
          -Abu ‘L–Hasan Sumnun (Circa 1100 A.D.)

It’s almost as if each person especially or
Yes merely
Event but it seems to have sent
Out advance feelers

Is the only word I can think
Of since there are really not words
For such (lacking subtitles) subtlety

But what an interesting concept!
An advance scout mechanism
To announce imminent presence
Pleasant or unpleasant as the case may be

Which shows that it exists in gradient phases
And each one being more or less than
What resonates with the heart and so

There is then conflict:
(As opposed to now conflict)
A diction-defying friction sets off a wind
Differential which is the principle of a battery

And then the delicious corollary irony:
What we are really doing here
Is making us all scientists

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