PR-344 (Published in Gentle Reader)

A Grudging Little Miracle

In Guatemala the water stops a lot
So it was foolishness baking bread
With no water to wash off my sticky fingers

So there I was with my hands
Fresh from the masa
Looking at the water faucet

Fully open but nary a drip:
I had a choice of whine or risa–
I just laughed and an instant later

The water started again but only a trickle
Barely sufficient to clean my hands
And then it stopped again

It was a grudging little miracle
But instructive: We get what we need
(With the right attitude)

New PR–297

Waiting on a Miracle

Just saw a movie (David Duchovney)
Where he said what if I’m
(In my life)

Waiting for this (generic thing)?
And she replied
“You’d be waiting on a miracle”

Then the movie flat (earth) ended
As if there were something wrong with that
(As if time were not an illusion)


Powerful, with Strangers Inside

Outdoors all afternoon
under a gunmetal sky
      –Stanley Kunitz (Touch Me)

Clever trick
The gunmetal bit
Guns being ominous and all like
The reputation of leaden skies

But I find it hard to get on board
That sodden gunmetal railed train
But I liked those movies
With the trains moving right along

Powerful with strangers inside
But as for the sky hey
The sky was the miracle
The color is immaterial

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