A Favorite Face of God

“If a friend comes to meet him, to the Sufi
it is God who is coming to meet him. If a
beggar is asking for a penny, it is God
whom the Sufi recognizes in that form.”
–Hazrat Inayat Khan

If you don’t know where to start
(What to give someone
Who has everything)

Just do sweet things for God

Whose heart’s conveniently at hand:
Just pick as you would a flower
A favorite face of God

Just do sweet things for a friend

PR-227        (Published in the Berkeley Poetry Review)

Master the Perverse Impulse

“To make a friend, forgiveness is required
which burns up all things, leaving only beauty;
but to destroy friendship is easy.”
       –Hazrat Inayat Khan

I don’t know . . .
I think it’s similarly easy
To throw oneself off a cliff

It’s true and that’s probably why
I have always been supremely scared
To be on a ledge I think

I would visit the Grand Canyon
On my belly with only my head
Projecting over the rim

I figure by the time
I got up to jump I could
Master the perverse impulse

So friend you’re pretty safe with me
I will take a lot
Lying down

New PR-307

Try to Remember: You Are Drowning

People talk about who’s worthy of their love
They weigh stuff in a war and wonder
As they wander behind enemy lines

About their friends
How far do they love them:
You must mistrust such punctures

Because any excuse for love is a life buoy
Try to remember:
You are drowning


A Little Remarked Quality of Camaraderie

I was remembering Frost
(From on the windows maybe?)

But instead mine came out dropping
By friends on a snowy evening:

It was more festive
Than his horse’s bell shake and

(In an excited way)

More peaceful too
(A little remarked quality of camaraderie)