Time and All the Other Lies I Could Ask

(New PR22)

-To Christina


Time lurks:

The assassin

Always in the background


And time hurts when you hear

“She died last year”

And then the cruel mind wanders to this:


She didn’t know then that you loved her

And you think to the circumstances of it:

The unwinnable whichever never


And you can only wipe your eyes

And your only hope is turn to famous

Time that heals all wounds


When all the time it was time that caused

This pain–time and all the other lies

I could ask


When will it ever end

But then again I’m invoking time:

When will I ever learn?


The Pull of Tides


-To Rachel


I don’t know how that works

The push

The pull of tides


But yes it all comes back to water


A vast body of water which

Though salty too

Is too big a metaphor for tears