I Swear I Heard a Rose Wink

I find I am apt to cry of late
No it’s not sad
Tears are a funny thing as it were

They may be for sunsets
Yes but beautiful as they are
I think to have a hierarchy:

Today’s was for a dog in the news
Finding and nursing a lost kitten
And for when I realized I was not nor

Had ever been alone it was for when
I swear I heard a rose wink
And say it was a messenger


A Flower to Serve as a Rosetta Stone

Let’s try logic then:
And stipulate that God
If God exists
Would find ways to signal divinity

There would be hints albeit
Laden with plausible deniability
Why the deniability?
God is shy so

God is modest
Who only wants to be seen by friends
(Everyone else would worship the power)
So God sends a flower to serve

As a Rosetta Stone
Or God whispers in your ear or eyes
In ways only the truth-disposed can read
Subtle signs but which sing about

Things hard to explain otherwise:
Like tears of ruth
Like the divine of suddenly
To sunrise from fear to cheer

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