New PR–444

A Sweet Good-Bye to Less than Mirrors

Dance while drunk
Put it on a balance beam of light
Forget the dismount
Forget wrathful

Remember the carnelian faithful
The obsidian wrought by fire
By flower and by far you must swear
You must like some sapphire swing low

And deep into a sea of doubt
Yes look out for and through
The sky of why to past know
(All the way to now and to grow)

But anoint then your sigh say a sweet
Good-bye to less than mirrors a shy
Welcome to the azure glow
Of a Christmas in Fresno
New PR-293

The Sun Is Contagious Wine

We could sit in the sun
Mit juleps or mitout
Doesn’t matter the moonshine

The sun is contagious wine
And divinely mad as a hatter
And sunlight is more than one light:

It diffuses its glow gives
Know-by-glow translation
Of the rainbow

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