At the Orchard End of the Orphanage

I remember the peach blossom breeze
At the orchard end of the orphanage
And I wonder how it would be different

If I’d had instead an unorphanage situation
But then I thought of when my mother
Told me a fistful of wistful for her lost first love:

She was earnest to explain to show me
In the mirror where my now brown eyes
This time would have been blue


A Jump Shift Jupiter Fling Thing

I waxed eloquent
I was “adorable”
I got the girl

But why mysteriously then
Did I rise to that occasion
(Or to the bait?)

That was twelve years ago in Oregon
When I was shy but I was on a roll
And why?

Well scientifically it was like this:
My destiny was a clockwork springboard:
A jump shift Jupiter fling thing

A throw me in the briar patch
On Lago Atitlan
Sing thing

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