The Fates Found Her

Bod Dylan and Pete Seeger

Bod Dylan and Pete Seeger


A Jump Shift Jupiter Fling Thing

I waxed eloquent
I was “adorable”
I got the girl

But why mysteriously then
Did I rise to that occasion
(Or to the bait?)

That was twelve years ago in Oregon
When I was shy but I was on a roll
And why?

Well scientifically it was like this:
My destiny was a clockwork springboard:
A jump shift Jupiter fling thing

A throw me in the briar patch
On Lago Atitlan
Sing thing


Hazrat Inayat Khan’s Invocation:

“Towards the one, the perfection of love, harmony and beauty, the only being, united with all the illuminated souls who form the embodiment of the master, the spirit of guidance.”


Hazrat Inayat Khan’s Prescribed Daily Mantra:
“My thoughtful self: Reproach no one. Bear malice towards no one. Hold a grudge against no one. Be wise, tolerant, considerate, polite, and kind to all.”


Gentle Readers,
(This is another re-instated blog post from those which mysteriously and suddenly went missing. There were over a hundred posts in all dating from April Fool’s Day, 2013, and as I have occasionally mentioned, the vast bulk of them were wiped out by some apparently malicious entity who got access to the inner workings of my website. And as I have promised, I am gradually–and laboriously–reintroducing them, from back-up files. This is one in a series of those. Also, I should add, this whole debacle explains the gaps you will see in the Archives section.) I generally choose the order in which to put them back by those which a new blog post makes reference to. And this series is mentioned in my upcoming–soon–new blog post. Watch this space.)

And of course she was adorable too. I refer to a nameless lady in Oregon (to keep her out of the spotlight, as she would prefer; a scorpio, you see).

Who was this famous nameless?

I suppose out of gratitude I should give a plug to They not only got my daughter happily married, but got me to Guatemala. Almost a trifecta.

You’ve perhaps guessed by now that I was lonely. Because I joined
A lady in Ashland Oregon (the Shakespeare capital of the world!) wrote me asking if 300 miles was too far away. That she was an elementary school librarian and she really liked my profile. I think largely because I was a first grade teacher.

And her profile was such a charmer. For instance she enumerated a long string of qualities she wanted in a man, ending by saying, “My friends tell me I am asking for a lot. Are you a lot?”

Well, anyway she was a lot, so we struck up a correspondence and did phone calls and then she invited me to go to Ashland for Presidents’ Day week end, and she would put me up in her guest room! (to quote Pete Seeger, “Have you ever heard of such confidence?”)

I remember seeing her drive up at the gas station which was our appointed rendez-vous point. And at first sight I said to myself “Eric, don’t blow it!”

I remember us in a restaurant and for something I’d said she blurted out, “You’re adorable!” (Go figure)

So before the week-end was out we were lovers. I think the thing was sealed when on Tuesday morning we said good-bye and I was to lock up and head south again, as she headed off to work. But I noticed she’d left her lunch behind. And though I’d no idea whether she’d gone north or south on the freeway I took a bank shot chance and drove like hell and the fates found her and when I waved etc she pulled over and I gave her her lunch. You should have seen the look in her eyes! (I love a dramatic gesture!)

And so commenced a long distance relationship. We decided that since they don’t hire elementary school librarians in California (too expensive) and since they do hire elementary school teachers in Oregon (remember, I taught first grade) that the fair thing was for me to finish out the semester, meanwhile remodeling my house and preparing it for sale. Then moving north to happy ever after land.

And now I have to apologize. Last week I ended with this statement:

Next week: How I got to Guatemala, flirted with art, but got married to poetry.
But folks, here it is next week and I am not in Guatemala yet. Oh well, this is a personal blog and this is my personal story. I guess I’ve just decided to let it unfold. But best not to overload. So, I will take this up again next week, though I can’t promise we’ll get to Guatemala even then. But soon.
God be with you,
Eric Halliwell

About Eric Halliwell

I am the creator and sustainer of, a website which features (among a few other things, like interesting and inspiring quotes, and Sufi stories) my poetry and illustrative blog posts, about one 1000 word essay a month. It is Sufi-themed, probably because for seven years I was an officially initiated Sufi mureed, in San Francisco circa 1970’s. My poetry has appeared in these publications: Penwood Review, Ascent Aspirations, Umbrella Journal, (since defunct), Shine Journal, Ashé Journal, Berkeley Poetry Review, and Tipton Poetry Journal. I can be reached at

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